04/09/2016 - SG Trier vs SV Griesheim 1976  |  SG Solingen vs SV 1930 Hockenheim
04/10/2016 - SV Griesheim 1976 vs SG Solingen  |  SV 1930 Hockenheim vs SG Trier
04/22/2016 SV Mülheim Nord vs SC Hansa Dortmund (rescheduled match Round 7)


Placeholder image_DSC2781 - arbiter Prof. Dr. Klüners talks with the players

Placeholder image_DSC2793 - Alexander Areshchenko (r) vs David Navara (l)

Placeholder image_DSC2794 - Wouter Spoelman (r) vs Bartłomiej Heberla (l)

Placeholder image_DSC2796 - Twan Burg (r) vs Misa Pap (l)

Placeholder image_DSC2805 - Daniel Fridman

Placeholder image_DSC2815 - Roeland Pruijssers

Placeholder image_DSC2816 - Daniel Hausrath

Placeholder image_DSC2824 - David Smerdon

Placeholder image_DSC2826 - Alexander Berelowitsch

Placeholder image_DSC2831 - Alexander Berelowitsch

Placeholder image_DSC2829 - Ralf Kotter

Placeholder image_DSC2837 - Alexander Areshchenko

Placeholder image_DSC2838 - Kevin Schroeder

Placeholder image_DSC2842 - Martin Zumsande

Placeholder image_DSC2845 - commenting the games

Placeholder image_DSC2850 - Frank Karger

Placeholder image_DSC2851 - Roeland Pruijssers

Placeholder image_DSC2853 - David Smerdon

Placeholder image_DSC2864 - Wouter Spoelman analyzing his game with Bartłomiej Heberla

Placeholder image_DSC2872 - players analyzing

Placeholder image_DSC2874 - David Navara and Alexander Areshchenko analyze their game

Placeholder image_DSC2875 - David Navara and Jan Werle analyzing

Placeholder image_DSC2883 - Jan Werle

Placeholder image_DSC2892 - Patrick Zelbel

Placeholder image_DSC2893 - Michael Feygin

Placeholder image_DSC2894 - Mihail Saltaev

Placeholder image_DSC2901 - Zahar Efimenko vs Patrick Zelbel

Placeholder image_DSC2904 - Frank Karger

Placeholder image_DSC2907 - Jonny Hector

Placeholder image_DSC2908 - Pavel V. Tregubov

Placeholder image_DSC2909 - Alexander Areshchenko

Placeholder image_DSC2910 - Misa Pap

Placeholder image_DSC2911 - Romuald Mainka

Placeholder image_DSC2912 - Ruud Janssen

Placeholder image_DSC2913 - Patrick Zelbel

Placeholder image_DSC2916 - Bartłomiej Heberla (r) vs Alexander Areshchenko (l)

Placeholder image_DSC2949 - David Navara (r) and Wouter Spoelman analyzing

Placeholder image_DSC2951 - David Navara analyzing his game with Wouter Spoelman (back)

Placeholder image_DSC2959 - players analyzing

Placeholder image_DSF0639 - overview of the players room in Mülheim

Placeholder image_DSC3231 - Alexander Berelowitsch

Placeholder image_DSC3232 - Frank Karger

Placeholder image_DSC3234 - Alexander Donchenko

Placeholder image_DSC3235 - Patrick Zelbel

Placeholder image_DSC3242 - outside the players room in Mülheim

Placeholder image_DSC3249 - Konstantin Landa (r) vs Emanuel Berg (l)

Placeholder image_DSC3255 - Alexander Donchenko

Placeholder image_DSC3262 - Leon Mons and Felix Levin analyzing

Placeholder image_DSC3265 - Emanuel Berg

Placeholder image_DSF0649 - Ralf Kotter vs Mihail Saltaev

Placeholder image_DSF0658 - Bartłomiej Heberla vs Alexander Berelovich

Placeholder image_DSC3283 - Alexander Motylev

Placeholder image_DSC3294 - Emanuel Berg and Konstantin Landa analyze their game

Placeholder image_DSF0662 - Frank Karger and Volkmar Dinstuhl analyze their game


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