photographed on June 19-20, 2016 in the historic town hall in Leuven


Placeholder image_DSC4098 - Anish Giri

Placeholder image_DSC4120 - first move on the game Carlsen vs Aronian

Placeholder image_DSC4138 - ground floor town hall

Placeholder image_DSC4161 - Maxime Vachier-Lagrave

Placeholder image_DSC4170 - ground floor town hall

Placeholder image_DSC4175 - interview Kramnik, Gustafsson, Rudolf

Placeholder image_DSC4186 - Fabiano Caruana

Placeholder image_DSC4187 - Fabiano Caruana

Placeholder image_DSC4195 - Hikaru Nakamura

Placeholder image_DSC4198 - playing hall - first floor

Placeholder image_DSC4199 - playing hall - first floor

Placeholder image_DSC4212 - chess players infront of the town hall

Placeholder image_DSC4231 - Magnus Carlsen

Placeholder image_DSC4241 - Magnus Carlsen

Placeholder image_DSC4263 - Anish Giri

Placeholder image_DSC4268 - Magnus Carlsen vs Fabiano Caruana

Placeholder image_DSC4277 - Hikaru Nakamura

Placeholder image_DSC4285 - Viswanathan Anand

Placeholder image_DSC4287 - Magnus Carlsen

Placeholder image_DSC4291 - Wesley So

Placeholder image_DSC4293 - Levon Aronian

Placeholder image_DSC4299 - Magnus Carlsen

Placeholder image_DSC4301 - Fabiano Caruana

Placeholder image_DSC4307 - Fabiano Caruana vs Maxime Vachier-Lagrave

Placeholder image_DSC4310 - arbiters

Placeholder image_DSC4315 - Vladimir Kramnik

Placeholder image_DSC4268 - Magnus Carlsen vs Wesley So

Placeholder image_DSC4332 - Garry Kasparov watching the games

Placeholder image_DSC4342 - Hikaru Nakamura vs Magnus Carlsen

Placeholder image_DSC4356 - players at the beginning of the rounds

Placeholder image_DSC4365 - Viswanathan Anand

Placeholder image_DSC4385 - Anish Giri vs Fabiano Caruana

Placeholder image_DSC4422 - Hikaru Nakamura

Placeholder image_DSC4446 - Fabiano Caruana

Placeholder image_DSC4444 - Wesley So

Placeholder image_DSC4458 - Hikaru Nakamura vs Fabiano Caruana

Placeholder image_DSC4461 - young Magnus Carlsen fan

Placeholder image_DSC4464 - Wesley So vs Viswanatan Anand

Placeholder image_DSC4469 - Fabiano Caruana

Placeholder image_DSC4478 - Levon Aronian

Placeholder image_DSC4480 - Veselin Topalov

Placeholder image_DSC4482 - Wesley So

Placeholder image_DSC4485 - Magnus Carlsen vs Vladimir Kramnik

Placeholder image_DSC4488 - Anish Giri vs Levon Aronian

Placeholder image_DSC4495 - Maxime Vachier-Lagrave

Placeholder image_DSC4496 - Fabiano Caruana

Placeholder image_DSC4498 - Veselin Topalov

Placeholder image_DSC4502 - Hikaru Nakamura

Placeholder image_DSC4504 - Viswanathan Anand

Placeholder image_DSC4511 - interview Trent, Gustafsson, Rudolf

Placeholder image_DSC4514 - helmet

Placeholder image_DSC4520 - Anish Giri

Placeholder image_DSC4526 - Viswanathan Anand

Placeholder image_DSC4529 - Magnus Carlsen vs Anish Giri

Placeholder image_DSC4531 - Maxime Vachier-Lagrave vs Fabiano Caruana

Placeholder image_DSC4532 - players

Placeholder image_DSC4533 - Wesley So vs Magnus Carlsen

Placeholder image_DSC4534 - Wesley So vs Magnus Carlsen

Placeholder image_DSC4544 - playing hall

Placeholder image_DSC4545 - Loek van Wely talking to the chess24 commentators

Placeholder image_DSC4550 - Hikaru Nakamura

Placeholder image_DSC4552 - Hikaru Nakamura

Placeholder image_DSC4553 - Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura

Placeholder image_DSC4555 - Veselin Topalov

Placeholder image_DSC4556 - Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura

Placeholder image_DSC4558 - Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura

Placeholder image_DSC4561 - Veselin Topalov vs Levon Aronian

Placeholder image_DSC4575 - waiting for the closing ceremony

Placeholder image_DSC4588 - waiting for the closing ceremony

Placeholder image_DSC4597 - Magnus Carlsen

Placeholder image_DSC4603 - Garry Kasparov

Placeholder image_DSC4611 - Topalov, Anand, So

Placeholder image_DSC4616 - Jan Poté

Placeholder image_DSC4620 - Jan Poté

Placeholder image_DSC4631 - Garry Kasparov

Placeholder image_DSC4644 - Garry Kasparov

Placeholder image_DSC4647 - Kasparov passing the mic to Jan Callewaert

Placeholder image_DSC4671 - Magnus Carlsen

Placeholder image_DSC4686 - Magnus Carlsen

Placeholder image_DSC4687 - Magnus Carlsen

Placeholder image_DSC4693 - Magnus Carlsen with glass trophy

Placeholder image_DSC4699 - Carlsen congratulates So for beeing second

Placeholder image_DSC4700 - closing ceremony

Placeholder image_DSC4716 - the ten players lined up

Placeholder image_DSC4723 - Carlsen interviewed by the local TV

Placeholder image_DSC4736 - photographing the group

Placeholder image_DSC4749 - group photo with Jan Callewaert (Tafelrond)

Placeholder image_DSC4760 - (fltr) Anna Rudolf, Lennart Ootes, Tereza Přibáňová, Maurice Ashley, Magnus Carlsen

Placeholder image_DSC4775 - (fltr)   N.N., Jan Poté, Jan Callewaert, Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, Michael Khodarkovsky, Malcolm Pein


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