04/23/2016 - SG Trier vs SV Griesheim 1976  |  SG Solingen vs SV 1930 Hockenheim
04/24/2016 - SV Griesheim 1976 vs SG Solingen  |  SV 1930 Hockenheim vs SG Trier


Placeholder image_DSF0669 - overview Sparkasse Solingen

Placeholder image_DSF0673 - overview Sparkasse Solingen

Placeholder image_DSF0674 - David Baramidze vs Chanda Sandipan

Placeholder image_DSF0679 - Predag Nikolić vs Tamás Bánusz

Placeholder image_DSF0680 - Dennis Wagner

Placeholder image_DSF0681 - Ivan Šarić

Placeholder image_DSF0683 - Viktor Erdős

Placeholder image_DSF0684 - Dennis Wagner (r) vs Richárd Rapport

Placeholder image_DSF0690 - Artur Jussupow

Placeholder image_DSF0692 - Chanda Sandipan

Placeholder image_DSF0693 - Richárd Rapport

Placeholder image_DSF0702 - Stefan Walter

Placeholder image_DSF0704 - Florian Handke watching a game

Placeholder image_DSF0705 - Vinzent Spitzl

Placeholder image_DSF0706 - Alexander Moiseenko

Placeholder image_DSF0707 - Markus Ragger (back) vs Ivan Šarić

Placeholder image_DSF0708 - Marcin Tazbir vs Viktor Erdős

Placeholder image_DSF0709 - Constantin Lupulescu

Placeholder image_DSF0713 - Mircea Pârligras

Placeholder image_DSF0717 - David Baramidze vs Chanda Sandipan

Placeholder image_DSF0720 - Alexander Moiseenko vs Robin van Kampen

Placeholder image_DSF0721 - overview Sparkasse Solingen

Placeholder image_DSF0726 - Predag Nikolić

Placeholder image_DSF0730 - Jan Smeets

Placeholder image_DSF0740 - Arik Braun (r) vs Artur Jussupow

Placeholder image_DSF0743 - Markus Ragger vs Ivan Šarić

Placeholder image_DSF0749 - Stewart Haslinger (back) vs Iván Faragó

Placeholder image_DSC3315 - Artur Jussupow and Arik Braun analyze their game

Placeholder image_DSC3316 - Artur Jussupow and Arik Braun analyze their game

Placeholder image_DSC3320 - David Baramidze and Jaroslaw Krassowizkij analyze their game

Placeholder image_DSC3325 - Markus Ragger and Ivan Šarić after the game

Placeholder image_DSC3327 - players analyzing their game

Placeholder image_DSC3329 - live commentary during the games

Placeholder image_DSF0764 - Mircea Pârligras vs Alexander Moiseenko

Placeholder image_DSF0768 - Mircea Pârligras

Placeholder image_DSF0769 - Robert Baskin (r) vs Artur Jussupow

Placeholder image_DSF0771 - Predag Nikolić

Placeholder image_DSF0773 - Oleg Boguslavskyy

Placeholder image_DSF0778 - overview Sparkasse Solingen

Placeholder image_DSF0780 - overview Sparkasse Solingen

Placeholder image_DSF0783 - László Gonda vs David Baramidze

Placeholder image_DSF0784 - Artur Jussupow watching at the game Predag Nikolić vs Łukasz Jarmuła

Placeholder image_DSF0787 - Jan Smeets (r) vs Gyula Izsak

Placeholder image_DSF0788 - Richárd Rapport (r) vs Marcin Tazbir

Placeholder image_DSF0791 - Dennis Wagner

Placeholder image_DSF0799 - Artur Jussupow

Placeholder image_DSF0801 - Predag Nikolić

Placeholder image_DSF0802 - Jaroslaw Krassowizkij (r) vs Robin van Kampen

Placeholder image_DSF0803 - Ivan Šarić

Placeholder image_DSF0805 - Arik Braun

Placeholder image_DSF0806 - Tamás Bánusz

Placeholder image_DSF0813 - Jaroslaw Krassowizkij vs Robin van Kampen

Placeholder image_DSF0822 - Gyula Izsak (r) vs Jan Smeets surounded by spectators

Placeholder image_DSC3399 - (fltr) Robin van Kampen, Chanda Sandipan, Richárd Rapport

Placeholder image_DSC3408 - (fltr) Herbert Scheidt, NN, Mrs. Scheidt

Placeholder image_DSC3419 - team leader Herbert Scheidt signs the form with the game result

Placeholder image_DSC3429 - the players of SG Solingen waiting for the award ceremony

Placeholder image_DSC3434 - award ceremony of the Schachbundesliga

Placeholder image_DSC3438 - (fltr) Ulrich Geilmann, Herbert Bastian, Markus Schäfer

Placeholder image_DSC3439 - Predag Nikolić gets a Medal

Placeholder image_DSC3461 - Richárd Rapport gets awarded for the best game of the season by Ulrich Geilmann (Vicepresident SBL)

Placeholder image_DSC3467 - (fltr) Ulrich Geilmann, Herbert Bastian, Markus Schäfer, Mrs. Scheidt, Herbert Scheidt

Placeholder image_DSC3482 - Ulrich Geilmann (Vicepresident SBL) and Herbert Scheidt (Teamleader SG Solingen)

Placeholder image_DSC3490 - (fltr) Chanda Sandipan; Joerg Wegerle; Herbert Scheidt; Alexander Naumann; Jan Smeets; Dr. Florian Handke; Richárd Rapport; Robin van Kampen; Predag Nikolić

Placeholder image_DSC3504 - the Medal of the Schachbundesliga

Placeholder image_DSC3511 - Michael Kölker (managing director of the main sponsor FORST) and Herbert Scheidt


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